All original hard rock:


Idly Rove is a hard rock band that has been producing powerful and original music for over a decade.  With three all-original full-length CDs released, "Idle Hours", "Victim", and "Beautiful Light", Idly Rove is truly the epitome of a passionate rock band.


From their explosive drums and driving bass to their smoking lead guitar and lyrical content, Idly Rove packs a whole lot of raw sound that undoubtedly delivers.


In 2011, Idly Rove evolved from a former five-man project into a power trio that performed for several years under the name EMERG3.


In 2013, EMERG3  merged into and was recording and performing under the name ZEHNN.


In 2014, ZEHNN began recording and performing as Idly Rove once again.